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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable telephone systems engineer at hand in Kent? Kelk Comms ensure all your data communication needs catered for; from your modest home office to your rapidly expanding business in Kent. Call Kelk Comms free today on 0800 0745 097 for a no-obligation quotation.

Why Kelk Communications?

Kelk Communications is an established, trusted, friendly, well-known, reliable, professional and efficient telephone systems engineer in Kent.
Kelk Comms will supply, install and maintain your business telephone systems within a budget you are comfortable with.

30 years experience

A telephone systems engineer with 30 years experience in the data communications industry Kelk Comms will be able to tailor a business (or smaller home office) telephone system that fulfills your exact business requirements. Kelk Comms enjoys working with a variety of business types, of any size, and recognises that your business deserves the best possible data communications to enable you to market yourself more
efficiently and handle your customers more effectively and productively.

A tailored approach for your business

Kelk Communications are specialist trained in the operations of leading business telephone systems; brands such as Panasonic.
Kelk Comms have a wealth of installation and programming knowledge across the hardware and software retraining annually as the technology progresses and advances. Kelk Comms will provide you with all the necessary training to get the highest performance from your data communications. Consider us as a reliable, quick-response resource and telecommunications knowledge-base always at hand should you require this level of telephone system support in Kent.

Should busy mean busy?

A busy business will require a flexible telephone system, one which can expand and grow as your business does. Busy lines are what any business wants to see but it is essential that channels of communication are still kept open and continue to flow. United or ‘unifiedcommunication is what will lead to you gaining the very best data communications or telephone service for your business. Kelk Comms will guide you on the advantages of making use of advanced features such as VOIP, IP, and SIP. Unified solutions will often be the best choice in regards to future-proofing your data communications.

Right system right on budget

The right telephone systems engineer for your business will go a very long way in ensuring you are ahead of your competition; and remember, Kelk Comms will find a solution for any business on any budget. Final decisions should not always be price-lead but it is positively refreshing to know that you can change the way your business telecommunications are conducted for the greater good, at relatively low and certainly justifiable expenditure – a positive investment.

Telephone Systems Engineer Dover Kent

Options available

  • IP phones for more power and features
  • IP soft phones for enhanced communications
  • SIP phones for savings and centralizaiton
  • Conference phones for clarity and networking
  • Multi-cell DECT wireless for mobility
  • Digital phones for affordabiltiy and scalability
  • Telephone systems engineer in Kent

Panasonic telephone systems

Kelk Communications are telephone systems engineers, working with businesses in Kent. Kelk Comms undertake annual training on the installation practices and programming / functionality of leading suppliers; Panasonic business phones and data communications are brands we use and recommend, and will fit every business need, offering businesses a range of solutions that support a wide variety of proprietary phone types and designs.

A quick overview

A Panasonic telephone system will satisfy all small-medium businesses’ data communication needs by providing the following capabilities:-

  • Easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions
  • Seamlessly expand and network solutions
  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks
  • Centralize feature access for multiple locations
  • Support mobile workforce with wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with many Panasonic / 3rd Party applications

Home and/or business – doesn’t matter

Kelk Communications are a Kent-based installer of telephone systems for the home office or business operative. Kelk Comms appreciate that successful businesses thrive by providing hands-on, a personable service to their clients. Being out-of-touch is simply a zero-tolerance policy. Using a combination of advanced telephony products combined with IP-enabled applications, Kelk Comms is able to provide customizable and scalable solutions that allow your colleagues, and clients to communicate, collaborate and create – even when they’re not in the same room.

Get in touch with a skilled telephone systems engineer today and receive a no-obligation quotation

All staff at Kelk Communications are reliable, friendly and qualified. We are happy to give a timed appointment and serve only the Kent area to allow a fast response service. Our prices are always competitive so give us a call for a no-obligation quotation.

Whether you want a phone socket moved or a brand new telephone system, Kelk Comms will always offer you the best customer service. We are proud to be KCC Trading Standards approved, CRB checked and audited as a Buy With Confidence member.


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  • Freephone Kelk Communication on 0800 0745 097 or landline 01304 832 332 or mobile 07976 272457

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Panasonic Telephone System

  • Panasonic is the Number 1 Global Provider of PBX systems (under 100 extensions)
  • Panasonic is the Global Leader in DECT wireless.
  • We offer state-of-the-art telephony systems, full suites of digital and analog phones, IP Conference Speaker Phones, in-building DECT wireless handsets, and IP network cameras.
  • Our systems support a range of partner-provided applications for the hospitality and retail markets, as well as SIP trunking services for considerable cost savings.
  • Panasonic also provides networking capabilities for seamless integration of remote employees and locations by providing easy access to your central hub, and by allowing incoming calls to your desk phone to automatically ring on your mobile phone.
Panasonic specialist

Why Kelk Comms?

Kelk Comms are telephone broadband installers in Kent offering telecommunications to all types of business including: Hotels, Offices, Nursing Homes, Residential and Care Homes, Workshops, Factories and Shops in Kent. Kelk Comms regularly service businesses in Dover, Canterbury, Maidstone, Faversham, Whiststable, Herne Bay and Medway towns.

Our telephone systems engineers will discuss your exact requirements with you and ensure the system best suited to your needs is quoted for.

Martin and Wendy Kelk
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