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Sheldon Spa

Current set up:

One analogue exchange line. (main number with broadband)
Cordless telephones used around premises
Sheldon Spa receive customers, as passing trade, which should be encouraged.

Current difficulties:

Customers receive busy tone when contacting the spa
Poor mobile reception

Customer requirements:

Additional lines to ensure customers do not receive busy tone.
Door phone to allow passing trade, but give The Spa ability to the door remotely for security, especially when staff are there alone.
The need to be able to hold and transfer calls, plus ring extensions internally.

Instant Solutions:

The mobile coverage can be improved in one of two ways. Firstly the Managers Blackberry mobile phone can use the feature, UMA, to register the handset to the Spas wireless router to make and receive calls. Secondly as they use the Vodafone network a booster cell can be added to the Spas router for a stronger Vodafone signal – additional Vodafone handsets can be registered.

Once this is in place you can use mobile – mobile calls within your inclusive package minutes and landline to landline for all other calls. By using the Star service feature calls that receive, busy or no answer, will be diverted to The Managers mobile. The Spa would pay for the diverted part of the call to the mobile.

Option One

Basic Analogue Panasonic telephone system:

For the first option we suggest the installation of a small basic telephone system This will allow calls to be put on hold, transferred and give music to customers whilst they are holding. A small system will also allow a door phone to be added. One additional analogue line will need to be installed, this can be arranged through TML at £99 installation and their low rental of £9.99 per month.

The *services call divert feature could be used out of hours or when Sheldon Spa is not manned. This allows a code to be entered then all calls to the spa can be diverted to any other number, i.e. The Managers mobile or home number. The new additional analogue exchange line would be used for outgoing calls, leaving the current main line for incoming calls.

We suggest the installation of 2 DECT cordless telephones for use throughout Sheldon Spa and a Door phone Unit to allow speech to the door. The system we recommend for Sheldon Spa is a Panasonic KXTES308 analogue telephone system with 2 exchange lines connected, One Reception key telephone, 2 DECT cordless telephones, one answerphone and 1 door phone card and unit:

A DISA and fax detect card comes built in, this allows callers to press 1 for Treatments, 2 for bookings, 3 for Accounts etc if required.
This system can allow a total of 3 analogue lines and 8 extensions so there is plenty of room for future expansion. Options can be added to this system as follows:

Caller ID Card
Additional Line port cards
Additional extension cards
2 channel voice message card
Door solenoid to allow door to be opened by any handset
One hard wired standard telephone to the pool area

Option Two

Digital Panasonic telephone system:

By converting the existing analogue lines to ISDN2e digital lines we would instantly double the number of lines. With ISDN2e circuits, calls are clearer and faster and you can transfer and conference calls to external numbers, i.e. mobiles.

Direct dial lines can be added. These are numbers that work on the existing ISDN circuit but act as “private numbers”, they will all be 01795 numbers. This feature would allow a direct dial number to be assigned to each of the Spa rooms, if required the rooms could be rented out for different treatments and a direct dial number given to ensure they receive their own calls.

By ensuring the Rooms make calls dialing out using their own Direct Dial Number, Sheldon Spa can bill the Treatment room tenants with the itemised calls. It also allows The Treatment Rooms to advertise using their own number. Direct dial numbers can be assigned to show in the Reception phone display the name of the company/room it is calling for. Sheldon Spa can answer the telephone accordingly and will know if the call is a Spa call or for products sold on the web.

We would suggest having extensions in Reception, Kitchen, Pool area, Purple treatment room, Pink treatment room, Manicure/pedicure room, upstairs Robe room.

To keep wiring costs and disruption to a minimum, Integrated DECT cordless telephone can be installed for the Rooms. These are Panasonic proprietary cordless solution, which has its own cell station and booster aerials. They allow you to walk from one location to another without losing signal. As they are integrated they give more functionality from the handset and better use of the LCD screen than standard basic DECTS.

A door phone installed on the front door could connect to call The Kitchen and Reception in lunch and day mode and in night service could ring the Managers mobile. This ensures passing trade is not missed. The door is opened with an electronic door solenoid allowing the door to be opened by any handset.

With the Digital Panasonic systems ability to connect/integrate with computers and the local network, caller ID can be used to screen pop to outlook/customers databases. Therefore client details will appear on screen when they ring in. This is useful for repeat bookings and high level customer service.

Digital Panasonic telephone system continued:

As per the Clients request, the system will allow the basic requirements such as hold and transfer. In addition we can include special features such as barring the Pool telephone from making external calls except for 999 calls. This is important as clients are unable to use mobiles in emergencies due to poor mobile signal, and clients probably wont have their mobiles with them in the pool area. The Digital Panasonic system comes with basic integrated voice mail and auto attendant. Therefore an answerphone is not required as messages can be left using the Voice Mail. A bespoke message on hold system can be installed to give opening times, treatments offered and promotions.

We recommend the installation of a uninterrupted power supply system to give continued service in case of short power cuts.

For Sheldon Spa the configuration for this option that we recommend is:

1 circuit (2 speech channels) of ISDN2e with 10 direct dial numbers from the 01795 area code.
A digital, hands free LCD key telephone in Reception, Integrated DECT’s for the Treatment Rooms, a wall mounted hands free, LCD key telephone in The Kitchen and a standard telephone, call barred except for 999 calls, in The Pool.
Door Phone Unit
One bespoke message on hold system
An uninterrupted power supply for the system

Option Three

VOIP/IP Panasonic telephone system:

Should a customer be considering moving premises, then lines that can be easily moved to any Geographical location would be required.
This is an advantage when a Client base has been built up as existing numbers can be moved. With the ability to have numbers from any location a customer can advertise using Geographic direct dial numbers, For example a National Company may wish to look like a local business, or a Head Office in Kent may wish to have National numbers to show they cover the whole Country.

With Geographical numbers, Sheldon Spa could advertise numbers from any catchment area for example 01227, 01233, 01622 and 020 for the on line web site. To have this ability, SIP trunks can be provided. These are virtual lines provided over a voice grade broadband circuit/They allow numbers from any area to ring into the one location. The amount of SIP trunks installed is unlimited as long as it is available and can be supported by your broadband. SIP trunks can also offer a fax to email feature, saving the need for a
dedicated fax analogue line.

IP softphones are software based phones – a pictorial facsimile programme that runs on the computer desktop. Your desktop will look like a phone and to talk the user wears a headset connected to the computer. IP softphones can be used at any location but would connect to the system at Sheldon Spa. This allows the user to work from home, calls made from the IP softphone would show as if the user was in The Spa and calls would be calls to and from the Spa and the home user would be free.

Calls can be transferred to any IP softphone location or anywhere on the system. Apple IPhones can be connected to this system via a Bria App working as an extension off the system. By connecting the Apple Iphone you can save mobile call charges. An IP softphone in use at The Spas Managers home would ensure no trade is lost when the Spa is not manned. An IP softphone in Reception would give a minimal look.

At the door area an IP Door Camera can be installed. When a caller comes to the door a screen shot is sent to the PC’s desktop giving video of each visitor. The door is opened with an electronic door solenoid allowing the door to be opened by any handset.

VOIP/IP continued:

The Panasonic IP system comes with integrated basic voice mail. However a full voice mail with 4 – 1000 hours recording time can be added. The TVPM Voice Mail system gives voice mail for each direct dial number. This system can record calls and has the ability to email the recordings as attachments.

A bespoke message on hold system can be installed to give opening times, promotions and offers. For Sheldon Spa the configuration for this option that we recommend is:

SIP Trunks (4 licences are provided with the Panasonic IP system additional licenses can be purchased) with 10 incoming numbers from any Geographic area.

An IP Softphone in Reception, Integrated DECTS for the Treatment Rooms, a hardwired key telephone in The Kitchen and a standard telephone, call barred except for 999 calls, in The Pool.

Door camera
One TVP50 Voice Mail system
One bespoke message on hold system
An uninterrupted power supply for the system and the SIP Trunk Router

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